Last goatherd of Ritzingen (Goms, Valais, Switzerland), where the Aleman Clan of the Ritz established a settlement over 1'000 years ago that became the tiny mountain village in which I was born in 1939.


Psychiatrist, creativity researcher, leadership expert, author of topic books and novels, songwriter.


  • Founder and medical director of the first integrated psychiatry center in Europe
  • Founder and President of the Board of the CREANDO-International Foundation for Creativity & Leadership
  •  Founder and Chairman of the International CREANDO Symposia: Creativity in Economics, Arts and Science


At the age of 50 I quit my job as a medical director in order to dedicate my time and energy to researching and fostering Creativity & Leadership.

Publication of a series of topic books, including:


IM ZEICHEN DES SCHMETTERLINGS, Scherz, Bern, München, Wien, 1992 –topic book bestseller of the year in Switzerland in 1993


Hamilton Books, UK, 2012

THE SPIRIT OF CREATIVITY — basic mechanisms of creative achievements

University Press of America, 2010

(My major scientific contribution to creativity research)



For the last several years I have been working mainly as a novelist and songwriter.