Ripples of Laughter


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I tried to carry a sound, a sound across the street and then I suddenly stumbled and fell flat of expectations.

I tried to be profound. I tried to hold my ground. But then I suddenly tumbled and fell flat of expectations.

I tried to stroke your lyre. I tried to stoke your fire. I tried to kindle the flames, the flames of your desire.

I tried to lure you into my Zen. I tried to slip into your glen. I tried to reach the ripe corn stored away in your cozy den.              

I tried to get a spark but your mood was as dark as a lake before the night falls from the sky.     

It took me quite some time until I found the rhyme that turned your cry into the hum of a lullaby. 




But now your mood is gone. Now you are on the run. You're dashing across the shadows as fast as a beam of light.

But now your eyes are twinkling and now your mouth is sprinkling. You're seized by ripples of laughter while you hold me tight.

And now I know I shall weather all the storms released by the fury of your sudden rage.

And now we are together and you are in peace while we read our book from page to page.

We have created new lyrics. We have found a better beat. There are new chords on our sheet.

We indulge in panegyrics. We keep dancing pagan rites. We keep prancing like young kites.






lyrics, composition and voice: Gottlieb Guntern, Brig Valais Switzerland

original arrangement by Jayanthi Kumaresh, veena virtuoso, Bangalore, India

sample programming by Pramath Kiran, Bangalore, India

keyboards and special effects by Shadrach Solomon, Bangalore, India

back vocals Priya Upadhyaya, Bangalore, India

recorded by Pramath Kiran at Laya Digi Works, Bangalore, India


second arrangement:

bass: Dominique Borriello, Brig, Valais, Switzerland

guitars: Stefan Margelisch, Brigerbad, Valais, Switzerland

recorded by Dominique Borriello, Brig, Switzerland


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  • #1

    Martin Oesterreicher (Freitag, 18 Mai 2018 06:21)

    Love the lyrics and how they unfold…though the song doesn’t quite touch my heart as I’m probably more a lower keys kinda guy.

  • #2

    Gottlieb GUNTERN (Samstag, 19 Mai 2018 14:50)

    Dear Martin Österreicher, Reading your feedback I became aware of the fact that all my songs started with composing the music. Then it may take months and often even years before I write the lyrics fitting the mood of the music. Why? I've not the slightest idea. There are still over 600 songs waiting to be arranged and produced... I'm convinced that I will never accomplish this task and this fact doesn't bother me at all. Cordially, GG