No Downbeat Story


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Strophe 1         

Don’t tell me a down-beat story because I’m already glued

to the mud in the road in front of my house. I’m already imbued

with all those tales of failure, I’ve heard time and time again.

I’m striving to quit that scenario. I’m trying to escape the bane,

the bane of my life. I’m trying to forget the awful hunger in my guts.

I’m trying to escape the lurking danger of going nuts.

Just tell me the hilarious story about a whore at Rue Madeleine

who became the owner of a chateau in the hills of Lorraine.



I keep tossing and I keep turning around in my bed.

I keep bossing and I keep churning like a thoroughbred.

Don’t you try to fool me. Don’t you try to mess around with me. Don’t you try to break through my wall.

I’m wheeling and I’m dealing. I’m fighting and I’m biting. I’ve got a heavy horseshoe, watch me whenever I enter a brawl.


Strophe 2

I’ve learned how to swing and to wing it. Now, I’ve got a stout heart.

I’ve learned some techniques and I’ve mastered the holy art

of lifting my head high above the fray even when it hurts.

I’ve left the crowd of those ailing and failing and  wailing introverts.

Life is a dangerous place and I’m willing to accept that fact.

I’m fighting for myself and I’m not willing at all to make a pact

with the Lord or with the devil or with some unsuspecting saint.

And if a roaring tiger is gonna cross my trail I sure ain’t gonna faint.




lyrics, composition and voice: Gottlieb Guntern, Brig, Valais, Switzerland

arrangement by Chen Qiangbin, Shanghai, China

all Chinese instruments played by Huang Xianjin, Shanghai, China

backvocals: Liu Chang, Ying Ying, Su Fei, Shanghai, China

recorded by Qin Shiyue at Chen Qiangbin, music studio Shanghai, China


second arrangement:

piano: Stefan Bregy, Bern, Switzerland

backvocals: Stefanie Heinzmann, Eyholz, Switzerland

drums, sample programming & bass, and recorded by Dominique Boriello, Brig Switzerland 

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