El Capitan


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Midnight is gone and the moon is full and that woman keeps dancing with El Capitán.

The stars twinkle into the silence of the night while she gives her man a run.

She is a free-style climber sneaking up on the highest sheer cliff on earth.

She is nude but for her soft deer moccasins. Her face is filled with quiet mirth. 

For years she has waited in the wings but eventually her hour has come.

Her warm skin strums the strings of the rock until the rock begins to hum.



She is a dangling bobcat defying gravity.

She is a dangling bobcat defying gravity.

She loves the sound of the polished granite tongue licking the belly of the skies.

Her eyes caress the throbbing domes arousing a desire in her well-formed thighs.

She isn’t out to make the front-pages. She just wants to dance with El Capitán.

For years she tried in vain to fight her lust for El Capitán.

Now she moans in ecstasy while clinging to the scarred body of El Capitán.

She never felt as enraptured as she is feeling right now.

And the night looks the other way, while the grinning moon takes a bow.

Composition, lyrics, vocals: Gottlieb Guntern, Brig, Valais, Switzerland
Back vocals: Stefanie Heinzmann, Eyholz, Valais, Switzerland
Drums, sample programming & bass: Don Boriello, Brig, Valais, Switzerland
Arrangement: Don Boriello, Brig, Valais, Switzerland
Veena: Jayanthi Kumaresh, Bangalore/India
Recording: Newtone Studio, Brig, Valais, Switzerland

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