Toast of the town



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II'm trying to catch a rainbow with my fingers.

It escapes. What remains is a feeling that lingers

That I’m one of those guys who malingers,

Who never achieves the goals he’s set

And whom our town will quickly forget.

I'm trying to catch a train that is leaving.

Yet there is nothing but the taillight I'm perceiving.

I'm standing in the draught immersed in grieving.

I'm always out of money, deeply in debt.

I'm a foolish failure who likes to fret.                                     



My epitaph will say: He was a big fool,

Always aggravating, never taking things cool,

Always indulging in a mindless drool.

To fail every test in life was his general rule.



I'm trying to fish a slippery trout.

But all I get is a smack on my snout.

I'm almost fainting. There is no doubt

I wasn't born to succeed in life.

I'm the target of scorn, the sheath for a knife.

I'm trying to find a new protecting shield

To sow my seeds into a barren field.

And of course there won't be any yield.

I'm always broke. I'm always a joke.

I'm a rotten egg with a fading yolk.




Composition, lyrics and voice: Gottlieb Guntern, Brig, Valais, Switzerland

arrangement by Guo-Guan-Zhe, Mongol composer and musician, Shanghai, China

all chinese instruments played by Guo-Guan-Zhe , Mongol composer and musician, Shanghai, China

recorded by Guo-Guan-Zhe at Mix Studios, Shanghai China


back vocals: Seema Mahadevia, singer, Mumbai, India

recorded by Among Nalk Sarmam at Studio pat. Ltd. Mumbai, India


guitars: Stefan Margelisch, Brigerbad, Valais, Switzerland

piano: Stefan Bregy, Bern, Switzerland

Final arrangement by Dominique "Don" Borriello at Newtone Studio Brig Switzerland

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  • #1

    Gerhard Huhn (Montag, 05 Februar 2018 20:33)

    Geht wunderbar unter die Haut - ein Dankeschön aus Berlin!

  • #2

    吴侨玲 (Dienstag, 06 Februar 2018 08:02)

    Very impressive!

    The melody and lyrics are very beautiful! Thank you for your ceative work!

    Xinsheng and Qiaoling

  • #3

    Christoph Glauser, Find-Maschine ArgYou (Dienstag, 06 Februar 2018)

    Gratuliere! Herzliche Grüsse Christoph

  • #4

    Christine (Dienstag, 06 Februar 2018 08:58)

    Thanks for your great melody and the significant lyrics!! Great!!

  • #5

    maria (Dienstag, 06 Februar 2018 16:11)

    es geht unter die haut....hab mich sehr gefreut Dich singen zu hören

  • #6

    Roger Imboden (Mittwoch, 07 Februar 2018 10:55)

    Wunderbar, sehr schön zum Hören.....Herzliche Gratulation.

    Grüsse üs Zaniglas

  • #7

    Daniel Krähenbühl (Mittwoch, 07 Februar 2018 21:00)

    Mit Freude habe ich deinen Text gelesen und deinen Song gehört.

  • #8

    Susanne Troger (Mittwoch, 14 Februar 2018 18:37)



    Liebe Grüsse