Ritzy Joint


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There used to be a lecher den just down the street.

Every single customer boarding it was a supercilious cheat.

The official thé dansant would last deep into the night,

With masquerading pleasure seekers holding each other tight.

There was many a stale hermaphrodite posing as a man

And many a meek troglodyte pretending to be God Pan.

There was many a woman deeply in love with her own kind.

There was rarely a juicy fruit yet many an empty rind.



It used to be a ritzy joint before it ended up like this,

Turning into a snake pit where many a kiss sounded like a hiss.

There were faces looking like faded tin cans on a shelf in a store

And bloated bodies looking like dead fishes washed ashore.

There were vermilion lips looking like deep cuts in the skin.

There were yellow teeth trying to gnaw their way right into sin.



There was many a bony mannequin escorted by a fat mandarin

And many a stout matron clinging to her bumpkin Errol Flynn.

They all tried to give the impression to be somebody else.

But the worst thing in that greasy cauldron were those awful smells:

Cheap perfume mingling with tobacco, urine, thrush and cheese and sweat.

And if somebody stepped on your toes there was no regret.

The aim of the game was: chase and hold on to whatever you get

Whether a pseudo-baronet or a syphilitic coquette.






Composition, lyrics, voice by Gottlieb Guntern, Brig, Valais, Switzerland

Arrangements by Pandit. Ulnas Banat, Santo virtuoso, Mumbai, India

Santoor: Pandit Ullas Banat, Mumbai, India

Flute: Ramkant Patil, Mumbai, India

Veena: Shri Narayan Mani, Mumbai, India

Spanish & 12 string guitar: Jayant Gosher, Mumbai, India

Tabla, Dholak: Anup, Sanjay, Mumbai, India

Percussion: Deepak Borkar, Mumbai, India

Base Guitar: Sameer Roy, Mumbai, India

Keyboards: Kamalesh Bhadkamkar, Mumbai, India

Recorded by Sambier Kudia at Beats Enterprises, Mumbai, India



Edited by  Dominique "Don" Borriello, Drums, Brig, Valais, Switzerland

Guitars: Stefan Margelisch, Brigerbad, Valalis, Switzerland

Rodes: Stefan Brei, Bern, Switzerland

Back vocals: Stefanie Heinzmann, Eyholz, Valais, Switzerland

Reccorded by  Dominique "Don" Borriello at Newtone Studio, Brig, Switzerland


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  • #1

    Stephan Nater (Montag, 29 Januar 2018 20:59)

    Ein perfekte Beschreibung der heutigen Welt, zumindest der 1., in der das Ziel ist: Jagen und Festhalten an allem, was man bekommt.
    Nehmen ist seliger denn geben…….
    Ausserdem gefällt mir die Musik mit dem arabischen „touch“ sehr gut.